How much does it cost?

Typically we can attend an event for free (subject to a minimum number of attendees).

We sell prints to customers on the day and make our income this way.

In some circumstances it may not be appropriate to operate in this way, eg, corprate events, parties etc.  In these circumstances we will operate on a 'pre-pay' package basis.  If this is the case we will issue redeemable vouchers to the event organisers to pass on to guests.


How will guests get their prints?

At the event we will have a viewing screen or screens.  Customers will select any images they wish to purchase and these will be printed by professional dye sub printers.

Additionally photos will be posted online (password protected if required) and they can be purchased this way.


What size are the prints?

Our standard sized prints are 9" x 6" and are presented in a mount.


Can guests have digital images?

If the customer is purchasing a print then for a small additional charge a web optimised image will be provided for sites such as Facebook.


Can images be branded?

Yes.  We can add your company logo for instance on the print.  This option may be most appropriate when prints have been pre-purchased, eg. Corporate Event.

Additionally, logos may be printed onto the mounts (subject to a minimum).


How much do the prints cost?

Our typical price list is;

£12   one print

£20   two prints

£26   three prints

This may vary depending upon the event and will be less if a significant number of prints are pre-purchased.


Can you print in Black and White?

Yes, this is simple for us to do on-site.


Do you Photoshop the images?

We will perform simple edits whilst on-site, such as sharpening, cropping etc but we find that most images are able to be printed straight out of the camera.

Should any guest wish an image to be significantly altered we can agree a fee on a case by case basis.


What type of events do you cover?


A whole variety including;

  • Black tie dinners
  • Charity events
  • School events
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Golf
  • Private parties

Please ask if you have an unusual request.


    How do guests pay?    

We can accept cash or credit / debit cards.


 Are you insured? 

Yes we carry £5m Public Liability insurance.